Automatic translations between FIN MT, ISO 20022 and proprietary formats

The Translations modules adds the capability to perform automatic message format conversions in the internal workflow processes and when messages are sent or received.

What's included?

  • 200+ out-of-the-box translations between MX and MX
  • Manual translation in the GUI given a source MX or MX
  • Custom conversions between FIN MT or ISO 20022 (MX) and custom XML, FIXED-LENGTH or CSV files

Main Features

MT and ISO 20022

MT messages can be automatically converted into its ISO 20022 equivalent messages and vice-versa. The translation can take place as part of the business process or at the application endpoints when a message is sent or received.

Custom formats

Format mappings can be used to digest custom XML, CSV or FIXED-LENGTH files. Seamlessly, the internal MT or MX message data can be sent to back-office systems in proprietary files.