SWIFT standard compliance validator

Checks that an MT or ISO 20022 message is standard compliant.

What's included?

  • SWIFT format validations rules, including message structure, fields and semantics (network rules)
  • Validation for all message categories in the MT (ISO 15022) and MX (ISO 20022) standards
  • BICs and IBAN validation
  • ACK/NAK generation
  • MX (ISO 20022) cross-element and externalized ISO codes validation
  • CBPR+ schemas and UG validation
  • SCORE SWIFT for corporates validation for MT798 subtypes
  • Support for custom rules and custom XSD schemas

A secure choice to reduce costs by preventing NAKs and rejections, and to reduced efforts in your yearly standards maintenance.

Main Features

Simple API

Validate a message is as simple as instantiating the validation engine, pass the message to validate and verify the result list of validation problems. If the resulting list is empty the message is SWIFT standard compliant. This direct and default procedure can satisfy most of the validation usage scenarios.
The engine can be then twiked for performance or to support custom constraints and validation exceptions.


For each validation problem found, the SWIFT error code is provided (when available), the specific part of the message where the error is found (the MT field or the xpath in the MX), and the business-oriented description of the issue.
Out of-the-box error descriptions are included in English, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

BIC validation

Prowide Integrator includes the BICImport tool which enables to import a BIC text file from SWIFT's directory into an internal database. This database is then used by Integrator to check the existence of BICs while validating messages.

Latest SRU support

An yearly update is provided 6 months in advance of the SWIFT Standard Release go live date. Therefore, the module guarantees that applications build on top of it are always up to date when standards change.