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SWIFT format conversions

Facilitates conversion between SWIFT nad ISO 20022 messages and proprietary data formats.

What's included?

  • Runtime conversion between SWIFT MT or MX (ISO 20022) and custom XML, FIXED-LENGTH, CSV or JSON files
  • A straight-forward to use library; no special tool or code generation required
  • A consistent mapping table design for any format combination
  • Support for programmatic mapping rules in plain Java
  • Support for externalized mapping rules in simple Excel spreadsheets or a database

Especially suited to integrate existing systems with the FIN MT and ISO 20022 messaging infrastructure.

Main Features

Mapping Rules

Format conversion is based on customizable rules. A mapping rule defines how a portion of content from the source message is selected, transformed and set into the target message. A rule is basically composed by the source and target content selectors, plus a combination of optional transformations.

Transformation Functions

A dictionary of numerous transformation function is available to manipulate content gathered from the source message before setting it into the target message, including string manipulation, date formats, number formats and math operations.