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SWIFT standard translations

Implements the translation rules defined by SWIFT to convert MT messages into its analogous and MX version, and vice-versa.

  • Includes the 170 out-of-the-box translations defined in SWIFT equivalence tables.
  • Specially suited to accelerate and simplify the migration to the new SWIFT MX standard (ISO 20022).
  • A translation implementation is provided for each of these possible combinations of a source and a target message.

Main Features

Direct translation

Each translation implementation provides a simple and straightforward API to create the specific target message given the specific source message as parameter, and to check preconditions on the source message.
A specific translation implementation class is provided for each of these possible combinations of a source and a target message.

Preconditions check

A precondition check method is provided for each precondition imposed on the source message. This method perform a specific check and throw an exception if the check fails. A global precondition check returning information for each precondition that is not satisfied.

Generic translation

All MT to MX translation classes implement a common translation interface, particularly helpful to consolidate the translation of several message types in a single processing unit.


Prowide Core (WIFE)

Prowide Core

Open source SWIFT Java library

For organizations that have sufficient internal resources to develop and manage its SWIFT software infrastructure.

Prowide Integrator

Prowide Integrator

SWIFT message development toolkit

For organizations looking for reduced efforts in the implementation and maintenance of its SWIFT software infrastructure.

Prowide Enterprise

Prowide Enterprise

Ready to use SWIFT platform

For organizations looking for an off-the-shelf SWIFT message management application tailored to its own specific needs.